Reasons Passports Are Denied  

There are several possibilities of a passport getting denied and there could be many reasons for doing so for the officials.

One of the most common reasons for denying a passport is incorrect information. Many people make careless mistakes while filling the passport forms and even a silly mistake can make the authorities reject the application.

However, in this case the applicant can reapply and it will only take longer for the application to be processed all over again and the passport to be issued. In case of incorrect information sometimes the officials may resend the application form and sometimes they do not. This does not mean that the passport has been denied, and it is just not issued.

If a person has a criminal record or has provided fabricated information on the passport application, then the person can be denied the passport. People with criminal records are often not allowed to travel out of the country even when they are not under punishment legally.

Wrong information even through silly mistakes can be taken very seriously and it may amount to fraud and permanent denial of passport to a person. That is why one should be very careful while filling out legal forms. Another popular reason for rejection of passport applications is illegible information. If the person does not use the correct pen as described in the form or uses a pencil where the information gets erased or even writes in handwriting that no one can read or in a language that no one can understand, then the passport application will be rejected 100 percent.

Of late, fathers who have to pay child support but are not paying it are also being denied passports. Therefore, if you are divorced, make sure you are current in your child support payments so that your passport application is not rejected.

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Reasons Passports Are Denied

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