How To Sponsor A Student On Student Visa ?  

Every student in order to study in the United States would need an F1or a M1 visa. Students are going with their parents as dependants may not require the visa and can be included as a part of the visa. However, if the students are 21 or older at the time of entry, then they cannot depend on the parents visa.

Even if the student studied in the United States and still is on immigrant status, they have to come back to their country and take the appropriate exams like Test of English as Foreign Language to come back for higher studies in the United States. A person can come into the United States on a student visa only if they have a college admission which is called I 20 and can show proof that the college has accepted them.

There is no other way to sponsor a student on student visa. Student visa is granted in the United States not only on the basis of college admissions and also on the educational background of the student. However, it also depends on the type of course the student has chosen. If the student is applying for a course which requires attending college for less than 18 hours a week, then the student can go on a visitor’s visa as well. However, they should be well prepared to face the series of exams and the interviews before they get their permits to travel to the United States. In short, there is no sponsorship for students on student visa.

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How To Sponsor A Student On Student Visa

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How To Sponsor A Student On Student Visa ? )
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