Punishment For Over Stay After Expiry Of Student Visa For Canada  

Over staying in a foreign country after the visa has expired is breaking the law and it is a crime in any country in the world like United States or Canada.

However, different countries have different levels of punishments for breaking the law. Several students from across the world come to Canada to study every year.

Most of the students who come on a student visa to Canada are allowed to stay for 2 or 4 years depending on the nature of their course. In case they wish to stay longer or have found satisfactory employment towards the end of their course, they have to take appropriate measures to convert their visa status into the appropriate visa so that they can work. If they have to continue living there to work, then they have to make sure they have a work permit for example. However, over staying is not allowed by any law in the world.

In Canada, it is a big offense to over stay without informing or taking prior permission of the authorities. It is a punishable crime and it can also mean 10 years of jail sentence for the student. Sometimes, if the student is lucky, they may not be sent to jail but deported right away from the country. Once a person has been deported from Canada, they can never re-enter the country. Also, a fine is imposed on the student and it could be up to the tune of $1,000.

Overstaying is considered as a crime and the punishment may be of severe nature or deportation as a penalty.

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Punishment For Over Stay After Expiry Of Student Visa For Canada

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Punishment For Over Stay After Expiry Of Student Visa For Canada )
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