Student Visa Application Process For Minors  

Many people move along with their family that includes children to the United States every year. People should know all the rules about getting visas and obeying rules so that they do not go wrong and offend the immigration laws of the United States.

There are some restrictions laid on students attending public schools in the United States and this is mainly dependent on the age of the students at the time of admission. If a student is attending public high school, then it is limited to 12 months only after which they have to obtain a student visa. Even if they have attended public school their entire lives before, that still does not count once they reach high school. F1 visa or the student visa is no longer required for elementary or middle school education in the United States.

That is children who are under the age of 12 or eighth grade need not have a visa to be educated in the United States. They can depend on their parents visa to study and can attend any public school based on their age. They are mostly accepted into the same grade where they have discontinued earlier. However, some records have to be furnished for processing the admission into the new public school. When it comes to high school, kids may be required to go back to their country and take some qualifying examinations like TOEFL or GMAT in order to get admission in the public schools in the United States.

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Student Visa Application Process For Minors

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Student Visa Application Process For Minors )
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