Types Of Student Visas  

The immigration laws allow several foreign nationals who are students to study in the United States. There are several categories of visa that enable students from other countries to live and study in the United States.

However, the immigration oversees the entire process of which school the student is attending and they are allowed visas only after acceptance into a certain school in the United States.

The United States government also encourages students from foreign countries to study better by providing grants. However, the student visa can be categorized into three parts which are further sub divided. They are as follows:

F category visas mean visas meant for academic studies. The M category visas are issued for students who are coming for non-academic studies. The third J type of visa is for students who are coming under the student exchange program.

The F category of visas is further sub divided into F1 which is the non-immigrant type of visa, which is issued for academic and language students. The F2 visa is usually meant for the spouse of the F1 visa holder. The F2 visa holder cannot work in the United States while staying with the spouse. The M category visa and J category visa have to leave the country after their visa expires. They are usually issued a short stay visit which lasts for 6 months or less in most cases. Since they have enrolled for a short term course the visa is also given for a shorter period of time.

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Types Of Student Visas

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