Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Thailand ?  

It depends on the country of residence if one needs a visa or not for Thailand. Also, it depends on the length of the stay.

One can get a travel visa to Thailand on arrival at the airport of the country. In order to obtain a visa on arrival they should be able to show a return ticket out of the country.

In case the immigration rejects your entry into the country, then you may have to face a real problem with the airline who then may not take the responsibility of taking you back to the country you came from leaving you stuck in a no man’s land. However, it is a highly unlikely situation.

Several people book tickets where they are flying into Bangkok but are flying out from Singapore which is all fine and as long as you are carrying travel proof visas will be issued.

However, as a citizen of United States, you get the benefit of staying in Thailand for 30 days without a visa. This is due to the mutual agreements between the countries. If you are entering into Thailand from any of its neighboring countries, you are almost certain to gain entry and even if you do not have an exit ticket, it should still be okay. However, if a visitor is giving overwhelming reasons like being shabby or ill mannered, then the immigration authorities may decide not to issue you a visa.

If you are planning to visit Thailand or neighboring countries for a period of more than 30 days in total, then you will need a visa.

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Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Thailand

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Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Thailand ? )
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