Where Do I Get A Visa Application For Travel To China ?  

Every country in the world calls the visa as a valid document issued by the country to allow people of other countries to enter their country. Chinese visa is issued by the respective government officials of the country and in the United States, the Chinese embassy performs the functions.

For a person to travel to China from United States a valid Chinese visa is necessary and this visa can be obtained from the Chinese embassy located in the country or the consulate offices present across the country in various places. The good news is that you can apply for a Chinese visa via snail mail.

In order to apply for a Chinese visa, a US resident should have a valid passport with at least six months validity left from the date of application. They should submit the visa form completely filled, along with photographs, and also mention the purpose of visit. For Chinese residents, they can send in their Chinese passports even if they live in the United States of America.

Typically a fee of $130 is charged for US citizens for a regular visa and if they want the visa process to be expedited, then they need to pay $150. Also, it depends on whether they want a single entry visa or a multiple entry visa. Showing the return journey ticket is very important and they should also disclose their itinerary while visiting China. These details can be mailed to the respective Chinese authorities or representatives in the United States and the passport with a valid visa will be mailed back to you.

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Where Do I Get A Visa Application For Travel To China

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Where Do I Get A Visa Application For Travel To China ? )
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