Can You Use Your Work Permits In Other States ?  

A work permit is typically an authorization that is issued by the federal government authorities of the United States. It does not have anything to do with the state government. You can reside any in any state and still receive your work permit from the federal government of the country.

The work permit issued by them does not place any restrictions on which part or from which state of the US constitution you can work from. A person is free to work in any organization that gives him or her opportunity and in any part of the United States. However, most work permits are issued based on the duration of the visa and the length of stay for the person. For example, if a person is issued an employment authorization for two years, then he or she can work only for two years and at the end of that period either he has to renew their work permit or quit the job and return to his home country.  

Working without an authorization is considered as a crime and there are heavy penalties for it. The person may even face deportation if it has been discovered that he is working even after the permit has expired.

Also, the employment authorization naturally comes to an end if the person leaves the country and the work permit is directly dependent on the visa validity. If the visa becomes invalid on exit, then the work permit also becomes invalid. Monitoring such aspects of their visa status and work permits is a person's own responsibility and if they do not pay attention, then they are held for their irresponsibility.

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Can You Use Your Work Permits In Other States

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Can You Use Your Work Permits In Other States ? )
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