Work Permit For 15 Year Olds  

The local public school authorizes work permits for children who are above the age of 14 and under 18. However, when these kids have work permits, it is a must for them to attend school and complete their education.

If they show irregular attendance at school, then their work permit is likely to be cancelled. However, there are also several restrictions laid on students on what types of jobs they can do with their work permits. Some of the jobs that are given to students are basic in type like milk deliveries, newspaper deliveries, cleaning cars, basic maintenance work and other kinds of small help. Also, students who help in their family business still need to get work permit.

There are several jobs that students, who are also minors, cannot do. Some of them are operating a forklift, and using other kinds of power tools on the job like saw, meat slicer, guns, box crushers and bakery machinery. What is considered unsafe for them at that age should never be given to them on the job too.

Students who are minors cannot be allowed to work in demolition of buildings, wrecking, plumbing and roofing. They are not allowed to work in mining, logging and even saw mills. Minors cannot be employed in hospitals as staff, and also in other industries like meat slaughtering or packaging. They cannot be employed by chemical plants and exposed to radiation. They are not to be employed by companies that manufacture explosives. They cannot be allowed to drive unless the child is 17 and has a valid license.

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Work Permit For 15 Year Olds

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Work Permit For 15 Year Olds )
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