How To Appeal Unemployment  

When a person has been unemployed for a while, they are entitled to claim unemployment benefits.

In case you have not been receiving the benefits, then it is time you appealed for them. Not getting benefits is equivalent to being denied benefits.However, in order to make an appeal, collect all the documents related to your unemployment. There may be several like paychecks, W-2 form, and also the letter of termination from your employer.
Do some research on the internet and find out what being unemployed means and check out if all the rules apply to you. If you qualify, then you can appeal for unemployment benefits. The best place to check out is the State government website. They usually have these kinds of things listed in detail on their website. They will also have a helpline number where you can call and get most of the details.

After you have collected all your documents, draft a letter of appeal. Make sure you meet all the requirements for being unemployed. Otherwise, your letter will be rejected. You will need to mail the letter to the appellate division of the unemployment office.

There may be a reason for your unemployment. So, check out the statutes that relate your unemployment status. Different statutes apply for different causes like misconduct, termination, quitting without reason and so on.

Once you send a letter of appeal, on receiving it, the correct authority will schedule a hearing for your case in two weeks time. You will need to prepare your case in the mean time for the appeal.

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How To Appeal Unemployment

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