Winning An Unemployment Appeal  

An unemployment appeal can be very simple to win if you have all the details right. In an unemployment appeal, the employee and the employer will be present in front of the judge and he will hear both their arguments.

Sometimes, the employer may send their representative. However, you will need to be present in person. Both the parties can also ask each other question.As an unemployed professional, you would have built your case with a lot of supporting evidences and facts. Make sure you list all the facts in a logical and systematic manner. Having emotions is good, but you need to let logic prevail. If you come out with your opinions by supporting it with logical facts, they will gain more acceptance in the judge’s eyes.

Every argument needs to be supported with evidence, and that goes without saying. You cannot give emotional stories to support your case. Instead, it has to be substantiated with facts. If your finances have been taking a toll on you and decreased your standard of living greatly, then you need to show it to the judge using evidence.

Also, having witnesses to support your case will help you win it. You should get someone who is unbiased and will speak the facts as stated. Another form of evidence is the witnesses who have seen your conduct or your employer's conduct directly. The employer has to give unemployment benefits if the unemployed did not leave the job voluntarily and he was fired.

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Winning An Unemployment Appeal

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Winning An Unemployment Appeal )
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