Examples Of Appeals Letters  

        A letter of appeal should be treated as a formal piece of document and therefore it should be written with care. No matter what the reason for appeal is you should see that it is professionally drafted.


Address the issue in the beginning of the letter so that the reader knows what the appeal is about. Introduce yourself first and then define the subject. Do not write a long story of how it happened and all the details. Instead keep the letter short and crisp. Also, if you know who are you are supposed to be talking to, then use the person's name in the letter. More...


Winning An Unemployment Appeal

Winning An Unemployment Appeal                  An unemployment appeal can be very simple to win if you have all the details right. In an unemployment appeal, the employee and the employer will be present in front of the judge and he will hear both their arguments. Sometimes, the employer may send their representative. However, you will need to be present in person. Both the parties can also ask each other question.As an unemployed professional, you would have built your case with a lot of supporting evidences and facts.

             Make sure you list all the facts in a logical and systematic manner. Having emotions is good, but you need to let logic prevail. If you come out with your opinions by supporting it with logical facts, they will gain more acceptance in the judge’s eyes. More...


Employment Termination And Appeal Rights

Employment Termination And Appeal Rights                Terminations are not a surprise anymore; and when employees are terminated, usually there is a written and verbal explanation given by the HR. The explanation is required to be truthful and proper. If an employee feels they have been terminated without reason, or there is no adequate cause for termination, they can take legal action against the employer.The first step is to go through your own company policy. Every company will have a provision to file an appeal. So, make sure you have all the requirements to file it.If you are making any written request, then keep a copy of the same for your reference. There is a special process in every company to process termination appeals.

Research the reason for termination thoroughly. First check if there is adequate cause for your termination and if not seek legal advise from a lawyer. Some of the illegal causes of termination are discrimination based on race, sex and disability.More...


How To Appeal Unemployment

How To Appeal Unemployment                When a person has been unemployed for a while, they are entitled to claim unemployment benefits. In case you have not been receiving the benefits, then it is time you appealed for them. Not getting benefits is equivalent to being denied benefits.However, in order to make an appeal, collect all the documents related to your unemployment. There may be several like paychecks, W-2 form, and also the letter of termination from your employer.More...


How To Appeal Property Taxes

How To Appeal Property Taxes              In the current times of recession it has become difficult for everyone to keep up their commitments. Property owners are not sure if they should appeal a property tax or not. Appealing property taxes is quite different from what the government has set as property tax. One has to understand these differences clearly. The first and the most important step are to assess the value of the property in order to file the appeal.More...





Examples of appeals letters - Winning an unemployment appeal

Legal Dispute :

Steps-In-Criminal-Appeal-Process      Criminal cases are often severe, but sometimes even the innocent become victims, and suffer injustice. However, if you have been convicted of a crime and want to appeal, then you should review the case for any possible legal error and appeal to the court. More..




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