Examples Of Arbitration  

Several popular cases have been settled through arbitration. Throughout history, ever since arbitration laws have been brought under effect, several cases that ended up as disputes could be resolved using the method of arbitration.

Arbitration cases take place all over the world. However, to pass a judgment on the case, a prior example is used, so that based on that the current case can be ruled. In business and commercial transactions, disputes are of similar nature, and they all have the same profile more or less. It could be about same advertisement techniques or offers, or transactions, international money transactions and similar products. Sometimes, it can also relate to copying of logos. Such cases are often sorted out by the arbitrator, unless they involve huge sums of money or are overly complicated.

Here are some of the cases that serve as examples of arbitration cases.

In real estate industry, two realtors had the same offers and it became very confusing for the purchaser to figure out which offer to avail. In this situation, a delay may be caused and using an arbitrator, it can be ruled that the least confusing offer is in accordance with the industry standards.

In the construction industry, there was dispute about the color of the walls that was mentioned in the purchase agreement, and the homeowner did not like it because of the color of their furniture. The paint application was essentially required to correspond to the color of the interiors. The arbitration had to bring the dispute to a closure because there was a disagreement on various concerns and a feeling of ill will on both sides.

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Examples Of Arbitration

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