National Arbitration Forum Arbitrators  

The National Arbitration Forum (NAF) was founded in 1986. Its prime goal is to make arbitration and mediation available for businesses.

The forum's headquarter is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but it has offices in other cities also.The National Arbitration Forum has more that 1,600 arbitrators and mediators. Most of them are lawyers or former judges. In fact, the arbitrators and mediators working the NAF are spread throughout the US, and in 35 countries across the world. The National Arbitration Forum arbitrators help to arbitrate and negotiate disputes.

However, many people consider the NAF to be controversial as many businesses tend to coerce consumers and their employees to resolve disputes through the NAF by using a binding arbitration clause in the standard form contract. So, this means that anyone who has a credit card or a cell phone has unwittingly signed a contract to resolve disputes with their service provider through binding mandatory arbitration. This means that they will not be able to approach a court to get the dispute resolved should they want to.

The NAF is the approved company to resolve ICANN domain name disputes, and it has handled and resolved more than 10,000 disputes in this regard.

The National Arbitration Forum is a subsidiary of Equilaw, a company that went bankrupt way back in 1994. However, NAF somehow managed to avoid bankruptcy and has grown in stature ever since. The NAF today also works at an international level through its forum and Lawyer Association Worldwide.

The NAF claims that it offers business an alternative to resolve disputes without getting in legal hassles.

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National Arbitration Forum Arbitrators

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