Withdraw From Arbitration  

Arbitration is a process where disputes are settled out of court. However, people who choose arbitration as a method to resolve disputes have to abide by the decision of the arbitrator.

Usually companies that offer arbitration services have a lot of experience, and even clients choose people who have solid experience in negotiating disputes.Usually people who are arbitrators are retired judges and attorneys. Mostly the decision of the arbitrators will be final, and it can be limited to very minimal court review. In some cases people who agree to a non binding arbitration have the option of going to the court if they are not happy with the arbitration procedure held.

Arbitration is held only when both the parties have mutually agreed to it at the time of signing an agreement. For example, if you have a credit card from an X company, then you should read the agreement carefully before signing. You should know what the dispute settlement process is. It could be a binding or non binding arbitration method. In case you have signed for a binding arbitration method, then the ruling or the decision of the arbitrator will be final, in which case the court is not of much help for the case. In a binding type of arbitration, one has the option to go to the court if they are not happy with the arbitrator’s decision. Even if you withdraw from arbitration, you still have 30 days time to re-arbitrate your case. However, you are allowed to withdraw only once, and the second time the case would be dismissed.

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Withdraw From Arbitration

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