Basics Of Civil Litigation  

A civil litigation is a dispute between two parties and they seek money as compensation.

Lawyers who specialize in civil litigations are called litigators. They are also called trial lawyers. They mostly represent trials, hearings, litigations, mediations and arbitrations. All these cases have dispute as common.Civil litigation cases cover a large type of cases and disputes. Most of the litigators specialize only in one or two areas of litigation. For example, litigators may specialize in landlord tenant cases, some for products and liability; and there are several more. They are personal injury, real estate, construction, anti-trust, environmental, intellectual property and workmen compensation.

Being a litigation officer is not easy as it entails several responsibilities like research and finding out details about the case. They usually work long hours and litigation cases may extend over a long period of time. For some cases litigation provides that chance or a fair trial and for some it may be the only hope left.

The litigation lifecycle can last from a few months to few years. This has been divided into seven stages like investigation, pleading, discover, pretrial, trial, settlements and finally appeal. Also, one should know that all the lawsuits do not become eligible for litigation. Several cases reach until the verdict, but do not get to appeal. In the process of litigation the discovery period takes the maximum time. Once the facts are in place it becomes very easy to resolve the case. Civil litigators spend extremely little time on trial in fact.

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Basics Of Civil Litigation

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