Definition Of Litigation  

The definition of litigation can make it clear as to what litigation is. Basically litigation means taking a legal case to court.

Usually where civil suits are involved, one uses the term litigation. Litigation involves two parties, a plaintiff and defendant. The plaintiff is the party who is responsible for bring the case to court, while the defendant is the party against whom the case is.In other words, litigation is a process where you file charges against someone, and bring it to a case. Litigation cases used to solve the business disputes are called arbitration cases. There have been several litigation cases in the history of the United States.

Litigation is the last resort for some cases, and for some it is the only way out. There are advantages and disadvantages of litigation. Also, one should know that not all cases are qualified for litigation. Some cases end at the verdict without giving a further chance to the convict.

Whenever any individual or group of individuals gets into a lawsuit, they get into a process called litigation. Litigation is a long drawn process. It can last between a few months to a few years. Litigation involves several steps. The discovery and the research take the longest because the litigator has to find out all the details about the case. Once they have details, the case takes very little time to get resolved. Unlike what is shown in movies, the case takes very little time, but it is research that delays the verdict. Litigation is not a simple process either and it involves a lot of effort to convince the jury otherwise in most cases.

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Definition Of Litigation

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