Settlement For Litigation  

Settlement has several meanings within the judicial system.

When two parties are in dispute and when the case has not been brought into action in the court the parties reach an agreement and it is regarded as the settlement of the claim.A settlement is often a contract between two parties where one party is expected to fulfill their obligations that they have agreed to legally. Settlements happen in several types of cases like civil, divorce, and business law suits. Sometimes, when one party is clearly identified in the wrong by the court, the judge orders them to settle the case by paying an amount to the other party. In either case, a settlement can be mutually agreed one or ordered by the court.

In litigation cases, settlement comes towards the end and concludes the case. Litigation is a long process and has several steps. If one party in dispute is not receiving their due or the right amount, they go to litigators to pursue the case. The litigator researches and collects the evidence for this case and spends a lot of time finding out details. They may review the entire case from the beginning and also collect new evidences. When the discovery step in the process of litigation is complete, the case is brought into action and the evidence is submitted.

The settlement for litigation can happen at any time during the case. One possibility is that based on the evidence, the other party can change its mind and offer compensation, or the court might decide compensation.

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Settlement For Litigation

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