Mediation Negotiation Tips  

Mediation means negotiating an agreement between two parties that are at dispute. Mediation is just not about a law suit and trying to get the parties to reach an understanding.

A mediator has to have several skills to make a reasonable agreement for both the parties. In order to mediate successfully, you need to have a strategy and a plan.Do not only focus on the legal aspects of the case, but also concentrate on the dynamics of it. Not all problems in the world can be resolved legally. Mediation means looking deeper into the problems, understand it and then offer the best possible decision.

You need to prepare yourself for the mediation. Before the parties approach you, you have to decide on what point you would like to mediate. This gives you more confidence in your approach. Both the parties need to see the confidence in you in order to trust you.

Have one at a time approach while mediating. Do not discuss all the aspects of the case in one session. It is not possible and you will be inviting more trouble. So solve one point at a time and make a list of points that you would like to cover during the mediation. This would take fragmenting the bigger problem into smaller ones and working at one piece at a time.

Make a through assessment of the case and identify its strengths and weaknesses. This gives you better control over the case as a mediator. While negotiating, make sure you are doing it based on facts.

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Mediation Negotiation Tips

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