What Is Mediation  

Mediation is an action where the mediator behaves as a neutral third party and facilitates a dispute resolution.

Resolving a dispute is not easy and the best person to help the parties decide is someone who is neutral towards the whole issue and is not emotionally involved with it.The goal of mediation is to bring the dispute at an end. However, there is no compulsion that the parties should agree on the result of the mediation.

A mediator works with the parties at conflict and tries to help them reach a decision over the dispute. In a dispute, the parties mostly are unable to make the final decision and accept it and that is why the dispute continues. If a third party like the mediator brings in clarity and helps the parties, the disputes can be brought to an end. A mediator never works for one party, but always works for both the parties. He or she would consider all the pros and cons for both parties involved. They take into account the wishes of both parties. The final advice they give is supposed to benefit both the parties and not one party alone.

Even attorneys and litigators sometimes offer mediation services. Mediation is also not suited for people or parties who are disagreeing because they want to disagree. It is beneficial only for those who are looking for a positive outcome, and a solution for the dispute. Both the parties should be in a mindset and position to work towards ending the problem; and it is only then that mediation works.

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What Is Mediation

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