What Is Mediation ?  

       Mediation is an action where the mediator behaves as a neutral third party and facilitates a dispute resolution. Resolving a dispute is not easy and the best person to help the parties decide is someone who is neutral towards the whole issue and is not emotionally involved with it.

             The goal of mediation is to bring the dispute at an end. However, there is no compulsion that the parties should agree on the result of the mediation. More...


Divorce Mediation How Does Work

Divorce Mediation How Does Work              When two people have filed for a divorce, a negotiation should happen in such a way that both of them should agree on it. Divorce negotiations are often very difficult because getting the couple to agree on anything is one of the most difficult feats to achieve. Most people make up their minds about divorce, and during that emotional state, they do not compromise.Often a third party called the mediator tries to counsel the couple, and work on alternatives. When you file for a divorce, you actually do it with a lot of questions.

           A divorce mediator works with the couple and talks to both of them on an individual basis also. The mediator does not take sides nor do they try to decide who is right or who is wrong.More...




Rules Of Divorce Mediation

Rules Of Divorce Mediation             Divorce mediation is one of the most difficult types of mediation to work upon. Mediation helps divorce cases in a big way and several couples actually change their mind after mediation for good. Divorce mediation often involves both the spouses sitting with a mediator, who is a neutral third party.As a mediator you need to assure the couple that you are on no one’s side, and you are to here to tell who is wrong and who is right.

        You have to make it clear to the couple that it is not your job to do so, and set the right expectations from the very beginning. More...



Jobs In Mediation

Jobs In Mediation     If you are considering a job as a mediator, then you should know that it is a job that has a lot of demand, and also can turn out to be lucrative. To be a successful mediator, you need to have perseverance, patience and also some other qualities. However, it is more about chance, and you need to have luck to be at the right place at the right time.You need to work on increasing the chances of success. A job of the mediator involves more than just keeping peace. The mediator also has to be skilled in mediation, have good communication skills, be logical and also be good in making strategies.More...






Jobs In Mediation - What is mediation ? - Divorce mediation how does work

Legal Dispute :

Mediation-Negotiation-Tips      Mediation means negotiating an agreement between two parties that are at dispute. Mediation is just not about a law suit and trying to get the parties to reach an understanding. A mediator has to have several skills to make a reasonable agreement for both the parties. In order to mediate successfully, you need to have a strategy and a plan. More..




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