Are DIY Divorce Forms a Valid Alternative to Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?  

       Do-it-yourself divorce forms can be gotten very easily from the Internet. Usually when people are looking to divorce, they do not think about these forms and prefer to hire an attorney to handle the matter.

        The do-it-yourself divorce forms are ideal for people who are able to settle their divorce without any problems related to finances, property and custody of a child.

       Generally speaking, you should consider these forms for divorce only if you have a small problem with your spouse. Here are some of the circumstances under which you can use these divorce forms:

  • If the divorce is uncontested. Usually this would happen if both spouses decide mutually to separate. In fact, these forms are ideal in this situation as you do not have any problems with the divorce and you can expect full cooperation from your spouse. However, if your spouse is missing or has deserted you, you should hire the services of a divorce lawyer.
  • The spouses will not have to divide any future income. In case, neither you nor your spouse has any investments or retirement plans, then these forms are something you should consider. Since there is no future income to discuss and settle, automatically your divorce becomes a less complicated procedure. Usually issues arise when spouses want to divide money from investments and dividends.
  • You and your spouse have an agreement on the spousal support. If you and your spouse have reached an agreement on spousal support and there is not question of any ambiguity on both your part, then you can use this type of a standard form for divorce.

          You and your spouse have reached an agreement on how to divide the property and the marital estate. Usually problems arise here when both of you want to get the maximum. However, if you and your spouse have reached an amicable settlement, then this form for divorce can be used without any problems.




Are DIY Divorce Forms a Valid Alternative to Hiring a Divorce Lawyer?

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Are DIY Divorce Forms a Valid Alternative to Hiring a Divorce Lawyer? )
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