Reasons To Have A Prenuptial Agreement  

        Previously prenuptial agreements were viewed as agreements made by the rich and famous and multi-millionaires to keep their wealth from falling into the hands of their new spouse. However, this is no longer the case. Even ordinary people with limited money are now making use of prenuptial agreements.

        Prenups can be beneficial for people who have children from a previous marriage. The prenup can give details how the children will be provided for. Even details of the alimony can be drawn out, or if you want you can waive the right to alimony. By having a prenuptial agreement, you can stop yourself from being held responsible for your spouse's debts. At times, because of the prenup, you can even seek reimbursement for certain expenses when you are getting divorced.

        If you use a prenup correctly, you end up protecting not only yourself but also your spouse and children from long and dirty court battles. However, you should be careful about how you ask your to-be spouse to sign a prenup as it can cause an emotional estrangement between you.

        Usually people want a prenup if they have family property that they want keep in the family, if they have assets that they have gathered prior to marriage, if they have children from a previous marriage or if they are financially helping their spouse to get through college. However, the main issue is to first see your personal circumstances and think how certain issues would be handled in case of a death or divorce. Based on that, you can draw up a prenup that could help you resolve many issues.




Reasons To Have A Prenuptial Agreement

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Reasons To Have A Prenuptial Agreement )
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