Understanding the Laws That Affect Living Together Without Marriage  

         Most states in the US have laws to protect the rights of a person who has decided to live with another person without getting into marriage. However, these laws are not universal and vary from state to state. Usually when couples want to live together, they can do so without having to give up their individual rights.

         And, when they part ways, they do not require a court order. The concerned individuals can get out of the arrangement when either one of them wants to without any legal obligation to the other party.

         However, in kind of an arrangement, neither party can take any medical decision if the partner falls seriously ill. In addition, the person would not even have any rights to the partner's estate in case the partner passes away. Therefore, to get more rights and security in the relationship, many couples opt to have a contract.

         Unfortunately very few states in the US have given any legal meaning to registered domestic partnerships or civil unions or contracts. In fact, a contract will not be recognized as a valid document in a US court. The same also goes for same sex relationships. However, many states have laws to protect couples who cohabitate even if no formal marriage has taken place. This is known as common law marriage where the couple lives together and behaves as though they are married.

         Therefore, couples who are in common law marriages should make an effort to keep their finances separately. It would also help to have a written contract so that each partner knows what his or her obligations are. This is the best way to avoid any complications in the future.




Understanding the Laws That Affect Living Together Without Marriage

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Understanding the Laws That Affect Living Together Without Marriage )
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