Where is Gay Marriage Legal?   

       Since time immemorial, marriage in the US is performed under the state and federal law and is restricted to heterosexual couples. However, now perception of marriage is gradually changing, and certain jurisdictions are allowing same sex marriages.

       However, marriages come under the purview of Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). This is a federal law and does not recognize gay marriages. Nonetheless, there are many states that have passed their own laws or changed their constitutions in order to allow same sex marriages to take place.

       The states that allow same sex marriages in the US are Connecticut, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont.

       Maine changed its marriage law on May 6, 2009. However, same sex marriages in Maine will only be permitted from September 14, 2009. The moment this law was passed in the state, people started collecting signatures to veto the law through a referendum ballot that is due to take place either in November 2009 or June 2010. However, sufficient number of signatures is required for the ballot to take place.

       In Vermont, the governor has vetoed the bill allowing same sex marriages. However, the state legislature overrode this veto and now gay and lesbian couples will be allowed to legally marry in the state from September 2009.

       States like District of Columbia and New York legally recognize same sex marriages performed in other states or jurisdictions.

       While states like California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon and Washington allow civil unions and domestic partnerships to couples belonging to the same sex.




Where is Gay Marriage Legal?

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Where is Gay Marriage Legal?  )
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