Why Should You Register Unregistered Land ?  

       If you want to purchase unregistered land, you may have a tough time finding the owners of the land. However, once you find them, the only way you can confirm the ownership of the land is by seeing and checking the title deed of the land.

       However, you would have to then register the land in order to prove your ownership. This registration has to take place at the Land Registry office.

       When land is registered for the first, there are primarily two forms of registration. One is absolute freehold and the other possessory freehold. Absolute freehold means that the owner has all the rights to the land based on the rights in the register. This is the most frequently awarded registry of title, and it is also considered to be the most reliable one. On the other hand, possessory freehold means that the person just holds the title until he can provide enough documented evidence of the title.

       If you purchase unregistered land, you should submit an application to register it within two months of a disposition. In case you do not do this, you will not be able to transfer, grant or create a legal estate. In addition, the title of the land reverts to the old owner, who has the responsibility of holding it for the new owner. However, this holding of land is based on trust and you will not be able to do anything if the owner decides to sell the land to someone else. Until you register the land, the owner will be the trustee, and you will only have an equitable estate in the land.

       Once the land is registered, all future transfers of the title must be recorded with the Land Registry office for them to be legal.




Why Should You Register Unregistered Land ?

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Why Should You Register Unregistered Land ? )
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