Applying for the Unemployment Benefits  

         Unemployment had become extremely common in the recent past. Although one may not like the term itself invariably several people have been laid down by companies recently on the name of cost cut backs. If you are facing the severe effects of this economical crunch, then it is about time that you applied for unemployment benefits. While the government has some stipulated rules for unemployment benefits, taking an unemployment insurance plan is also advisable.


         However, there are some prerequisites that have to be fulfilled while applying for unemployment benefits or compensation. One of them is that you should have lose your job for at least three months and another is that you should have lost your job without any fault of yours. For example, if your company asked you to resign because of cost cutting measures, then you are qualified for unemployment benefits.

         Usually, if you have an unemployment policy, then the benefits start from 60 to 90 days of your termination. Unemployment protection will give you a sustainable income so that you can take care of your expenses and needs. While applying for the plan itself you will need to specify all your income and expenses. The unemployment benefits are calculated based on these needs and expenses you declare. Also, it depends on the premium you have been paying to determine the pay out. However, while you are eligible for unemployment benefits it is also provided for a limited period of time during which you should try and get another job.




Applying for the Unemployment Benefits

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Applying for the Unemployment Benefits )
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