How to Make Sure Your Security Cameras Are Legal?  

         Every employer installs security cameras in their office for their own protection. Every business has sensitive data and stuff that have to be protected. No matter how careful they are, some of the crucial information related to their business does get leaked out due to some unprofessional or unethical employee.

         In order to safeguard their own interests, employers are allowed to use security cameras. In almost all the 50 states of the United States security cameras are legal. However, several employees feel uncomfortable that security cameras are watching them all the time and they feel it is an intrusion of their private space. What employees should know is that just because security cameras are legal, it does not mean they can be installed anywhere and everywhere.

         There are several surveillance laws and regulations that apply to security cameras also. For example, these cameras cannot be installed in private rooms like rest rooms and closets. They should not be in places where employees undress or clean up. All security cameras can only be installed in publicly accessible areas and the footage derived from it has to be kept only for limited period of time. If the footage is not intended for use, then it should be deleted. Unnecessary files cannot be stored on the computer. Also, if there are surveillance cameras installed, then all people associated with the organization should be clearly informed about it. Even they are entitled for their privacy. In addition, the organization cannot use any of the footage to coerce an employee or blackmail him or her.





How to Make Sure Your Security Cameras Are Legal ?

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How to Make Sure Your Security Cameras Are Legal ? )
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