Federal Charge: What Should You Do if Prosecuted by the Government?  

       If you are charged by the federal government for a crime, remember that your defense has to be outstanding. In fact, your attorney should not make any mistakes because nearly all convictions for a federal crime end in prison time.

       The guidelines to sentence for a federal offense were changed in the late 1980s. This was done to make the sentencing fair among the various federal courts around the country. The guidelines do not stipulate anything about probation. So, a person convicted is usually sentenced to prison time and then after his release, he is put on probation.

       The trial dates in federal courts are usually 60 days after the arraignment; and the US district attorney will only follow up on the case he believes he can win the case. Many times, the investigation process is very lengthy and it can be months (or years) before the case is brought to trial. Invariably there is a huge mountain of evidence that needs to be read and understood, including interviews with witnesses. That is why you need an attorney who knows the federal criminal process and the local laws.

       When you are indicted, it is then that a decision will be taken whether to hold you until the trial. At that point, you are allowed to present your case that you will not run away because you have ties with the local community and therefore, can remain free until the trial or plea hearing. Depending on the crime and the charges, the judge could allow you out on bail. It is also at this time that a scheduling order is made to show the date for the plea deadline, date for the motions and date for the trial.

       Therefore, any attorney you hire to fight your case should be highly knowledgeable and organized. Otherwise, you will have a problem. Remember, any federal crime is seen as a serious crime and harsh punishment is meted out. Therefore, it is at the trial level that at a district court that you can be freed. At the appealing stage, the court favors the government and the person charged with the crime.

       So, make sure you have a qualified attorney who knows how to fight federal crime charges and is prompt in whatever action needs to be taken. Any delays will ensure that you are prosecuted and convicted of the crime.



Federal Charge: What Should You Do if Prosecuted by the Government?

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Federal Charge: What Should You Do if Prosecuted by the Government? )
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