Guideline For Finding The Right Immigration Lawyer  

        Perhaps, finding a skillful immigration lawyer is one of the most important things to do in your immigration process. Changing your residency can be very stressful. Without a proper planning, you may quickly find yourself in an unwanted immigration nightmare. US immigration law has become very complex and constantly changing.

What to look for in your immigration lawyer?

        There are over 7,500 immigration lawyers in the US. Consider the following factors when you have to choose one.

  • AILA Member:  AILA stands for the American Immigration Lawyer Association. It provides one of the best resources for immigration attorney. Although AILA membership may not guarantee the quality of your potential attorney, it may indicate how much the attorney keeps himself/herself update with information in rapidly changing field of law.
  • Reasonable Fees: The attorney’s fee should not be too low or too high. If it is too suspiciously cheap, the lawyer may try to push down the work to very junior legal assistant. On the other hands, if the lawyer quotes the price too expensive, he may try to gouge.
  • Reputation: Obviously, your potential attorney has a good reputation in the community, it is a good sign.
  • Disciplinary Actions: Lawyers are under the controlled of the Board of Professional Responsibility. The Board checks upon lawyers to make sure that they are in good standing. A lawyer who has been disciplined by the board may not be your best choice to choose.
  • Communication: Communication skills are important. A good lawyer need to keep you inform on your case. Remember, you are paying a lot of money, it is your right to have your calls returned in a timely manner.



Guideline For Finding The Right Immigration Lawyer

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Guideline For Finding The Right Immigration Lawyer )
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