How to Apply for Presidential Pardons ?  

        Early in the first term, new presidential administration is always trying to issue presidential pardons to deserving candidates. The pardons are not usually reviewed and then issued on the quiet. So, invariably one does not get to hear of them unless it is a media-worthy pardon.

        The Department of Justice has established guidelines under which presidential pardons need to be applied. Each application is evaluated by a chosen attorney from the Department of Justice. This attorney usually heads the Office of the Pardon Attorney.

        If you want to apply for a pardon, you should ensure that your application is drafted extremely well, follows all the guidelines set by the Department of Justice and clearly presents why you deserve it.

        In order to apply for the pardon, you have to wait for a minimum of 5 years after the end of your jail sentence. This does not include supervised release or parole, which usually occurs after the jail sentence is over. This waiting period has been deemed necessary as it shows the ability of the person to lead a normal law abiding life while being productive in the community. It goes without saying that you should not have broken the law after completing the federal sentence.

        Along with your application, you need to also submit three sworn character references. Although you can submit more than three reference, but you would need to select three as the primary reference. The references cannot be given by family members or spouses. The person who gives you reference should be somebody who can add weightage to your application as this will ensure that your application is viewed more favorably.

        In addition, you also need to submit a certified copy of the criminal arrest record along with certified copies of your credit report and anything pertaining to civil lawsuits. If you leave out anything or fill wrong information, it will be seen as falsification. This could lead to the Department of Justice filing federal criminal charges against you. So, be very careful while compiling all the information.

        The last part of the application involves giving the reason why you want the pardon. Usually valid reasons are connected to work, professional certifications or education. Without a valid reason, your application will be rejected without even being considered for a pardon.

        Therefore, if you are looking for a presidential pardon, you should make an effort to hire an experienced attorney. The attorney will ensure that all criteria are met and information is filled out properly. Remember, there is no hearing for the pardon. You will get only one chance per administration and that is why it is important that everything is done correctly the first time round.




How to Apply for Presidential Pardons ?

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How to Apply for Presidential Pardons ? )
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