Single Parents, Restraining Orders and Parenting  

        The foundation of a good society always starts from a family. It is the family that is viewed as the sole provider of love, needs and nurturing. Usually in a family, the mother is seen as the person who devotes time and energy to take care of children. And, the children learn a lot from their mothers. The fathers are viewed as those that give support, mete out the discipline and guide the children.

        It is believed that only a father can provide a direction and guidance to a child. Children also view their parents differently. Mothers are meant for taking care of them, while father are the ones that go out into the real world to do things. Therefore, it is invariably the father's world that fascinates children a lot.

        But when a family unit is broken because of a divorce or separation, it is often the children who suffer the most. Without the presence of the man, the woman's authority and disciplinary actions are not taken that seriously. And single fathers do not know how to take care of small children and their needs. Fathers may return their children to their mothers with cuts, bruises, diaper rash and unkempt look. In fact, it is because of this ineptness, many fathers end up being hauled up by the law for neglecting their children.

        In fact, being a single father can be very difficult. They have to be careful how much affection they show to their children because the same affection can be misconstrued and viewed negatively. In addition, if the father has a restraining order against him, he has to follow the rules completely, or else face jail time.

        Restraining orders can be devastating to the father and child relationship. It can cause permanent and irreparable damage to this already fragile and delicate bond. It is, no doubt, hard to be a single parent, but it is harder to be a father who has a restraining order against him.




Single Parents, Restraining Orders and Parenting

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Single Parents, Restraining Orders and Parenting )
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