Tough New Cell Phone Driving Laws  

        Drivers getting distracted while using cell phones, especially while texting, is considered to be one of the main reasons for auto accidents. A study has just proven shown that drivers, who text while driving, take their eyes off the road for 4.6 seconds out of every 6 seconds that they spend typing the text.

        Many countries, including the US, are introducing new law to stop drivers from using their cell phones while they are driving. The US has enhanced the federal penalties for drivers of buses and trucks who are stopped for texting while driving by up to $2,750.

        Even the state of Washington has brought about new laws for driving and cell phone use. Police can now easily give tickets to drivers who are caught texting or using their cell phone without a headset. Nonetheless, studies have shown that using headsets while driving is equally dangerous.

        Earlier, using a cell phone while driving was a secondary offense. However, now with new laws being introduced in Washington, this offense has been upgraded to a primary one.

        However, not everyone is happy with the new law. Some people feel that the police have more important things to do than catch people who are driving and using cell phones. Even a new research has raised questions as to how effective this new piece of legislation will be to stop people from using their cell phone while driving.

        According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, insurance claims resulting from auto accidents for personal injury and wrongful death did not increase or decrease after this new legislation was passed in different states. So, the people expecting the legislation to show results might actually end up being disappointed.

        However, drivers' behaviors are changing as they are getting aware about the dangers associated with using cell phones while driving. And, it can be said that since the legislation is relatively new, its results may not be apparent as yet. But, driving and using cell phone obviously do not go together.




Tough New Cell Phone Driving Laws

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Tough New Cell Phone Driving Laws )
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