Two Things a Misdemeanor Attorney Can Help You With  

         Although misdemeanor is not as serious a crime as felony, most people do not want to have any permanent record of this act. That is why it is necessary to hire the services of a misdemeanor attorney who can help you with all legal matters pertaining to this act.

         A misdemeanor can be removed or expunged from your record permanently only under two circumstances. One is if you stand trial and were found not guilty at the end. And the second instance is when the case is dismissed before it can go to trial. Therefore, a skill attorney can help ensure that the charges brought against you are not document leaving a permanent record of it.

         However, every state in the US has its own misdemeanor laws. Texas, for example, has three types of misdemeanors based on the severity of the crime.

         Class C misdemeanor is least severe and has a fine of up to $500. In this class of misdemeanor there is not jail sentence. Class B is the next which is more severe in nature. If proven guilty, the person can be sentenced to jail time of up to 180 days and pay a fine of up to $2,000. The last and most severe class of misdemeanor is Class C where the person can be sentenced to spend time in the jail for up to 1 year and pay a fine of $4,000.

         Usually misdemeanor charges are brought for petty violations of the law. However, a good attorney can help you avoid not just a trial but also a conviction by making a deal with prosecutor. For instance, if you were charged with misdemeanor for shop lifting, then the attorney could speak to the prosecutor and then contact the shop owner so that he is compensated. This way the conviction and jail time could be avoided. However, this cannot be done by the defendant, only the attorney has the right to do so.

         If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you should never attempt to plea bargain without a lawyer. Instead hire the services of a proficient lawyer and let him do all the talking on your behalf.




Two Things a Misdemeanor Attorney Can Help You With

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Two Things a Misdemeanor Attorney Can Help You With )
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