Warnings For Social Media Users Who are Accident Victims  

       Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace are extremely popular with all age groups these days. In fact, a recent survey states that the social media site Facebook would soon have more users over the age of 50 compared to high school and college students. This shows how popular these sites are even with older people.

       Even employers are scouring these sites to screen potential employers and to keep tabs on current employees. The sites have even managed to infiltrate the legal system as certain jury verdicts were overturned recently after jurors were caught updating their sites during a trial.

       It has now come out that many insurance companies and their attorneys are now using these social networking sites. Adjusters are checking these social media sites to gather more information about accident victims. In fact, without you even realizing it, there may be some information on these sites that could adversely affect your accident insurance claim.

       An adjuster from an insurance company looks for ways to reduce payments for injury claims. And it now seems that social networking sites and blogs are actually helping them do just that.

       Many accident victims put their personal information and photographs one these sites without realizing the repercussions. Once the information and photographs are uploaded, it is but natural for friends and family to comment on them. Through these posts and information, insurance companies are able to disprove the severity of an injury. They can also prove that a victim of an accident is actually hale and hearty, and that he can interact and connect with his family and friends normally. Also, the victim is able to perform activities and take part in sports and other leisure activities.

       Any pictures, videos or personal information that you post and your friends and family comment on them could actually be instrumental in ruining your accident claim case. Even the most innocuous comment or photograph can be used to show that you were not injured or were lying about your injury. Even if you make your page private, the insurance company will still find ways to get information about you through these sites.

       Therefore, if you are an accident victim, you should be careful about posting things on these sites. Also, make sure that you block viewers you do not know. This way no unknown viewer will have access to your personal pages. Do not accept friend requests from people you do not know.

       It is all about using common sense and protecting yourself. Although these social media sites are fun, the information that you post can be used against you.




Warnings For Social Media Users Who are Accident Victims

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Warnings For Social Media Users Who are Accident Victims )
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