Areas of Business and Commercial Law  

         If you are looking for a lawyer who handles everything related to business and business transactions, then he or she has to be a business and commercial lawyer. The lawyer will handle legal aspects related to things like services, sales of goods, distribution of goods, negotiation contracts, or offering credit facilities to customers and clients.

         Business and commercial law covers a vast domain. Some of the areas are as follows:

         Employment law is an area where rights of the employer are covered along with what responsibilities that employer has towards his former and current employees. The employer also has some responsibilities towards applicants who apply for job. Even this aspect is covered under employment law.

         In the US, employment law is quite complicated as it handles all aspects related to employment like discrimination, sexual harassment, safety at workplace, taxes, wrongful termination and wages. Also, the employer has to be aware of both federal and state laws pertaining to employment.

         Then there is something known as contract law. This covers all aspects pertaining to contracts, which legally binding. A contract can be in the written or oral form, but a written one is easier to prove in court case of a breach.

         The next area covered by business and commercial law is taxation law. An organization has to pay taxes which go towards funding public needs. A business or commercial organization must follow the rules and regulations for taxation laid down by the federal and state government. In addition, there will be different types of taxes and taxation rules implemented by local government authorities that need to be followed. Therefore a taxation attorney must know all the Internal Revenue Codes.

         Intellectual property law covers statutes connected to copyright, trademarks and patents. It basically helps an organization as well as creative individuals so that their work is not used without authorization.

         If you want to establish a new business, then you would be looking for an attorney who specializes in corporate law and formation of new businesses.

         Each of the above mentioned area of business and commercial law is a specialization. Therefore, you would have to look for an attorney who specializes in that particular area in case you need legal advice or help. WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Areas of Business and Commercial Law

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