Basic Steps On How To Register A Patent  

          A patent is a right given to a person who has discovered a new machine, designed a process or discovered a new item for manufacture. Through a patent, the so-called inventor gets rights to ensure using his or her discovery and gaining financially. So, we can say that a patent is nothing but a way of protecting a particular discovery or invention.

          Before patenting, an inventor first has to conduct a patent search to ensure that the item as not already been patented. Each item, invention or discovery is patented under a different category. Therefore, if you are carrying out a patent search, you will first have to figure out what sort of patent you need. For instance, a utility patent covers items, inventions or discoveries that have a functional use, while a design patent covers just the appearance of the invention.

          There is a patent office in the US called the US Patent and Trademark Office. You will find a database on the website of the office where you can find out the different types of patents that are issued. The categories are further sub-divided with related descriptions. By reading all the available information and doing a comprehensive research, you will be able decide which type of patent to apply for. Then you can go about filling all the necessary applications and collating the required documents that have to be submitted to the patent office.

          In case you find this task too tedious, you can always a professional to do the work for you. Usually the professional is a patent attorney or agent. An agent has a license issued by the patent office to prepare applications for patents. However, if you are using the services of a professional, you will still need to furnish certain information to him or her to fill out the application and forms.

          Any information you give to a professional will always be treated with confidentiality. So, you should not worry about divulging the trade secrets of your invention or discovery.

          A patent search is the most important part of patenting. If you do not conduct the search properly, your application will not be approved. Also, you would have ended wasting substantial sum of money on conducting the search. So, make sure you have all the information and details penned down before start the processing of patenting.




Basic Steps On How To Register A Patent

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Basic Steps On How To Register A Patent )
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