Understanding and Preventing Industrial Accidents  

        In the United States around 1.6 million industrial accidents occur each year. These accidents can cause minor injuries, debilitating injuries or even deaths. Any accident that takes place at a workplace is the responsibility of the employer as it directly affects the individual's job.

        The most common types of industrial accidents that occur are tripping, slipping, falling, getting struck by objects, falling from a height, accidents during lifting operations, explosions, and machinery-linked accidents. 

        Most states in the US have a worker compensation insurance that employers have to provide workers who are injured at workplace. This type of insurance prevents the employers from facing a liability lawsuit and also provides for the injured employee financially in case the injury is temporary in nature and prevents the employee from working.

        Basically, the employer provides worker compensation in lieu of the employee's right to take the employer to court for personal injury claim. However, if a third party is other than the employer, he can be sued for personal injury claims. This party can be a contractor, or even a sub-contractor.

        In order to prevent any industrial accidents from occurring in the premises, employers should take preventive measures. This means assessing any potential risks. Here you would be looking to check for dangers or hazards that have the potential to cause an accident. Things like exposed electrical outlets, wiring, toxic chemicals, slippery floor surfaces, explosives, safety equipment, heavy machinery that are left unguarded, work stations located in high places and fire hazards should be checked. These are potentially dangerous for employees and steps must be taken to reduce the risks or eliminate them.

        In addition, employees must be given training in safety and first aid. Employees should also be trained to operate certain types of machineries where there are high chances of accidents occurring.

        An employer and employee must remember that even with all safety measures and elimination of risks, accidents can still occur due to someone else's fault. Should this happen, the concerned employee should consult an attorney who specializes in industrial accident claims.




Understanding and Preventing Industrial Accidents

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