What You Should Do in Case of Wrongful Termination ?  

         Wrongful termination is the termination of an employee's services wherein his or her contract is cancelled without a valid reason. This termination, basically, violates the terms of the contract. For an employee, this type of termination can be a distressing and shocking experience as all of a sudden he or she loses their source of income unjustly.

         Any employee, who feels that he or she has been wrongfully terminated, should sit back and check the employment contract terms carefully. This will give you an idea whether any terms of the employment contract have been violated as a result.

         However, for an ordinary person, usually the legal terms and phrases used in a contract may not be easy to understand. That is why you should approach an attorney, who specializes in employment law. The attorney will be able to check out the contract and inform you whether any violation has taken place on account of your termination.

         Sometimes, it is quite possible for an employee to feel that he or she has been terminated wrongfully by the employer. However, the employee may have been responsible for breaching the terms of the contract. Hence, the termination would be legal and correct. A good example would be an employee who has to sign a non-disclosure agreement not to reveal anything about the company or trade secrets. However, if the employee leaks out this information by accident, then it would be considered as breach of contract and the termination would be warranted.

         On other occasions, it is quite possible that the reasons for termination are not very clear. In such a case, an employee should ask the employer to give a valid reason for the termination. However, you should still consult an attorney.

         It is always advisable to keep copies of letters of recommendation or emails praising your work. You should also carefully keep any documents that have positive feedback about your performance at work, be it by your colleagues or immediate supervisor. This way you will be able to prove that you were an asset to your employer and therefore, the termination is unjustified. WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



What You Should Do in Case of Wrongful Termination

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What You Should Do in Case of Wrongful Termination )
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