Your Rights Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices  

          Intimidation is used quite frequently by debt collection agencies. The agencies frighten debtors into paying their debts even if the debtors do not agree with the amount they own. In fact, it has been seen that once the debtors are intimidated, they can be easily controlled and manipulated by the debt collection agencies.

          Usually these agencies are third party companies that have been hired by other bigger companies to collect the money that is owed to them. The agencies are either paid a percentage of the amount collected or a fixed fee. At times, debt collection agencies also end up buying the debt from the bigger companies, and this transfers the debt of the debtors to the agencies. When this happens, the agencies can be quite aggressive as they expect a return on their investment. Unfair practices are quite normal when debt collection agencies want to pressurize people into paying their dues.

          However, all third party debt collectors have to follow the rules laid down by the Fair Debt Collection Practices. This is to ensure that no unfair and aggressive debt collection practices take place, and the debtors are given accurate information about their debt.

          The Fair Debt Collection Practices ensures the following things:

  • Debt collection agencies have to identify themselves every time they communicate with the debtors. This identification should be clear, and the communication should state that the information gleaned will be used for debt collection.
  • The original creditor has to be informed to the debtor by the debt collection agency.
  • The debt collection agency has to inform all debtors about their rights to dispute the debt, be it the full amount or part of the amount.
  • If the debt collection agency is planning to file a case against the debtor, it should be filed in the state where the debtor lives or had signed the contract.
  • The debt collection agency can contact the debtor only between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.
  • If the debtor requests the agency to stop communicating with him or her, the debt collection agency has to desist immediately.
  • If the debt collection agency keeps ringing and telephoning the debtor, it is construed as harassment.
  • The debt collection agency cannot misrepresent themselves in order to collect the debt. For instance, they cannot claim to be police officers just to get in touch with the debtor.
  • The debt collector cannot contact the debtor at his or her workplace after the employer asked the agency to stop.
  • In order to collect the debt, the debt collector cannot use abusive language or profanities.
  • The debt collector cannot include the name of the debtor on the bad debt list.
  • The debt collection agency cannot threaten the debtor by informing him or her that they will report the debt to the credit reporting bureaus.


          In case a debt collection agency is harassing you for payment of your debts, you can file a lawsuit against the agency. You should contact a lawyer who is experienced in such cases and matters. WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Your Rights Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices

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Your Rights Against Unfair Debt Collection Practices )
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