Death Penalty Pros and Cons  

       Punishment of an extreme nature like death penalty creates fear in the mind of a would-be criminal who is contemplating murder. If the most severe form of punishment was only life-imprisonment, the rate of homicides and other heinous crimes would increase drastically.

       The presence of the death penalty in the legal system cautions people not to commit such crimes easily, hence it is looked as a necessary tool to combat premeditated murder. Human life is priceless, so it is only fair that a murderer is punished for taking somebody's life.
A murderer, who has taken a life or lives, always presents the threat of doing it again. If it is argued that life imprisonment should be sufficient punishment, it also means that the criminal can get out on parole and attack his victim’s family and those who testified against him in court. It must be remembered that the convicted has murdered somebody and does not deserve sympathy.

       Till now, over 130 wrongfully convicted prisoners, who were on death row, have been released from various prisons in the US. Those working for abolishing death penalty say that there are countless such convicts languishing in jails, due to factors like insufficient legal representation, misconduct by police or prosecutor, political pressure, racial prejudice and doctored testimony.

       Death penalty also costs the government 2.5 times more than life imprisonment, thanks to very, very expensive trails. Instead of bringing down the number of murders, statistics show that higher rates of homicide are prevalent in nations that still put criminals on death row. Finally, death penalty is ultimate and does not allow the perpetrator of the crime to make amends and get a second chance in life.





Death Penalty Pros and Cons

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Death Penalty Pros and Cons )
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