Lowering The Drinking Age Pros And Cons  

        Crusaders fighting the cause of getting the legal drinking age reduced to eighteen argue that if individuals are considered matured enough to know whom to vote for and get married at that age, why should they be considered immature when it comes to drinking?

        They also content that just because young people are legally barred from drinking, they do not necessarily keep away from alcohol; instead they drink in hiding, which has in turn given rise to too much underage drinking.

        The National Survey on Drug Use and Health has reported that 85 percent of 20- year old Americans have admitted to having consumed alcoholic drinks. Those who support the lowering of the legal drinking age would also like to mention that since they are not allowed to drink in public, young people often consume as much as alcohol as they can before leaving their home, which is not a good sign anyways.

        Those who support the current legal age for alcohol consumption, which is twenty-one years, say that because of this, many young lives are being saved. Statistics show that since youth between eighteen years and twenty years have been stopped from drinking, the number of accidents in the highways involving this age group has come down by 13 percent. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a study which stated that lowering the drinking age to eighteen will result in a 10 percent increase in drunken driving accidents. Not only that, it may also raise the number of sexual offences and crimes taking place in campuses by a large extent.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Lowering The Drinking Age Pros And Cons

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Lowering The Drinking Age Pros And Cons )
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