Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers  

       Divorce, by nature is messy, and on top of that it involves having to pay a divorce lawyer.Everyone wants to get a fair deal in the bargain, but what if the lawyer’s fees are unaffordable? Thankfully, there are pro bono lawyers who fight divorce cases for no fees whatsoever.

       The American Bar Association recommends that each lawyer do 50 hours of pro bono service annually, though several State Bar associations require lesser number of hours. Lawyers also get an opportunity to gain experience in fields outside of their area of specialization, when they do pro bono service. However, no everyone can just ask for a pro bono divorce lawyer and get one. Proof of financial status, some kind of disability or abuse in marriage is necessary to avail of this service. Finding a pro bono divorce lawyer though, can be quite an uphill task, since most lawyers who handle pro bono cases, do not advertise their services. A good way of finding a pro bono lawyer is by checking with attorneys who are into general practice. The State Bar Association is also a good place to begin your search for a pro bono divorce lawyer.

       It is always prudent that the pro bono divorce lawyer one chooses has a good track record, or comes recommended by friend or a family member, since the quality of work should not be affected by the absence of legal fees. Having a competent divorce attorney is a must when fighting a divorce case, and when one is going with a pro bono divorce lawyer, one must make sure that he has the relevant experience to handle the case well.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Pro Bono Divorce Lawyers

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