Social Networking Can Get You Fired  

         Social networking has become such an inseparable part of our existence today that we would be better off exercising caution in doing or saying anything on social networks like Twitter, MySpace and FaceBook, and blogs as no information exchanged on the Internet is confidential. Anything you mention on social networks or blogs can be seen and ready by anyone.

         Employers use social networking platforms to keep a tab on their employees, job aspirants, and even clients. For example, an employee of Barney’s Café was terminated as he violated the company’s policy of not disclosing confidential information by tweeting about an actress defaulting on her payment. The employee in thiscase did not disclose the restaurant’s name. A female employee of National Suisse was fired for breach of trust when she had taken leave pleading inability to work on the computer due to migraine headache, but then she logged on to her FaceBook account the moment she reached home.

         You should also take care that nothing derogatory against you is said or posted on the net as this could affect you seriously. A forklift driver was dismissed from his job because his colleague who felt his at-work stunts like burnouts and wheelies were “cool” and posted the videos on YouTube which were watched by the management. Though there is no formal policy on social networking that companies follow, they can still use their policies to either discipline or terminate employees. 

         However, some states in the US have laws that prevent employers from firing employers for their activities after working hours if the activities are non-criminal in nature. Two states that have these laws are New York and Colorado. This said, any person into social networking should always make an effort to figure out what the policy of their company is about such activities. Also, they should make an effort to find out whether the State they live and work in has any laws pertaining to conduct after working hours. This will help to safeguard their interests if they are into social networking.




Social Networking Can Get You Fired

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Social Networking Can Get You Fired )
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