The Child Custody Legalities  

        Often the bitterest part of a divorce is the fight over child custody. The court that hears the divorce proceedings also decides on child custody. Common statutory provision stipulates that when a married couple has a child together during the tenure of their marriage, both parents have equal parental rights over that child.

        Rights are automatically given to the mothers in cases where children are below seven years old, and the fathers have to provide financial support, as per child custody laws. In cases where the child has reached the age of 7, he or she is asked by the court whether he or she would like to stay with the mother or the father. The parent who is awarded child custody rights is responsible for the child's education, religious education, and health care. There are different types of child custody that courts have the right to grant. First there is temporary custody, which basically means giving custody of the child to a person while the divorce or separation proceedings take place. When one parent gets all custody rights to the child, it is called having exclusive custody, and the other parent’s involvement is limited to supervision rights or supervised visitation rights.

        Courts award joint custody or equal rights when both parents can satisfy the judge that they are equally capable of raising the child. Often it so happens under such circumstances that one parent invariably sues for exclusive custody, but that parent must be able to prove to the court why granting exclusive rights would be a better for the child than joint custody.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



The Child Custody Legalities

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The Child Custody Legalities )
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