Tort Law Change and Its Impact on Society  

       A tort is defined as an unlawful act, injury or damage, caused deliberately, carelessly, or in cases that entail accountability, but does not involve contract violation in which a civil lawsuit might be started.

       A number of people say that the present tort system in the United States is draining the country‚Äôs economy. In fact, the issue had reached such serious proportions that even George Bush pushed for changes in tort law; and now the current law is forcing the issue of liability insurance to ridiculous extents in a number of sectors. Thanks to the huge costs related to tort litigation, society is being impacted in a number of ways - wages are going down, corporate houses are not being able to make desirable profits, and development and productivity both are being stunted. While some say that the economy can only be improved if the current tort system is altered, others contend that a new tort system could have an adverse effect and discourage the creation of new job opportunities. However, in all fairness, the system of tort does come with its own share of benefits, like in the case of products that are not safe to be used, or practices which are improper.

       However, when put under the microscope, the current tort laws do throw up some serious issues which need to be addressed. Changing these laws must be done after carefully considering whether the proposed new tort laws are in fact going to be beneficial for the economy and society at large.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Tort Law Change and Its Impact on Society

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Tort Law Change and Its Impact on Society )
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