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History of Corporal Punishment

        Corporal punishment has been around since ancient civilizations, and both adults and children have been subjected to this form of punishment. During the Middle Age, corporal punishment was in force against petty crimes and minor illegal acts. It was quite a widespread in the British army and navy to ‘flog’ or whip a person.More...



The Child Custody Legalities

        Often the bitterest part of a divorce is the fight over child custody. The court that hears the divorce proceedings also decides on child custody. Common statutory provision stipulates that when a married couple has a child together during the tenure of their marriage, both parents have equal parental rights over that child.Rights are automatically given to the mothers in cases where children are below seven years old, and the fathers have to provide financial support, as per child custody laws.More...


Understanding Lawsuit Loans Better

        If you have a pending lawsuit, which could take time for settlement and are direly in need of money to take care of your regular financial commitments like house rent, children’s school expenses, or debt repayment, then a lawsuit loan will help you tide over this situation.There are many financial institutions in the United States which offer this type of loans to people waiting for settlement of their lawsuits and you could choose one of them through references from family or friends, or by searching on the Internet.More...






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