Airport Scanners: Invasion Of Privacy Rights  

       The new airport scanners that use the ultra modern millimeter wave imaging technology may have its uses as far as tightening security at airports is concerned, but its invasive features which show a passenger’s body down to the last graphic detail, has come under a lot of flak from all corners.

       Every American citizen enjoys the right to his or her personal privacy, and people all across the nation are of the opinion that these scanners are in complete violation of such rights. These devices create an actual 3-D image of the body of a passenger, revealing the presence of prosthetic devices or any other private conditions that he or she may have. Critics say that these full body scanners do not really enhance security in any way, and the only purpose they serve is to violate the privacy of American citizens, in addition to adding to the coffers of the airport security industry. ‘Security theater’ is the term being used to describe the installation of these scanners, which stands for the use of highly sophisticated but fundamentally useless technology and procedures, aimed at giving the public a false sense of security. The skies of America are not safer than before, and most people are refusing to be coerced into believing that they are in safer hands due to these scanners.

       Privacy is a constitutional right of every American, and letting airport security officers see the most private parts of people’s bodies and medical conditions, without any real benefits, is something that is hard to accept for most passengers.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



Airport Scanners: Invasion Of Privacy Rights

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Airport Scanners: Invasion Of Privacy Rights )
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