How Are Documents Authenticated in Civil Lawsuits ?  

        Courts get all the required information pertaining to a case from authenticated documents, like records, bills, letters and contracts. Any document that is offered as evidence must be produced in writing and submitted as evidence and for that, it is essential that the document has been duly authenticated.

        What exactly is authentication? It is a regulation that states that the evidence provided is genuine and is sufficient to support a particular finding related to the case.

        Both parties involved in a trial have the right to authenticate any documentary evidence in their support, and some common ways of document authentication are (a) authentication by a witness, present in person when the document was signed, and who can identify and vouch for it, (b) authentication by a non-expert witness, one who is has fair knowledge about the handwriting or the signature of the person and can thus, identify the same on the document, (c) an expert document examiner, capable of comparing samples of the handwriting and giving his expert opinion on the document, (d) authentication by a ‘trier of fact’, which means either the judge or jury would then compare a certified signature sample with that on a questionable document, and (e) authentication of business transactions by the custodian of those records.

        Self-authenticating documents are those which do not need to be authenticated before they can be treated as court evidence. These include all official documents, newspapers and certified copies of public records. Even ancient documents do not require outside authentication. Some other documents considered as original or self-authenticating documents are trade inscriptions, commercial papers and periodicals.WelcomeToWelcomeRocketswag



How Are Documents Authenticated in Civil Lawsuits ?

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How Are Documents Authenticated in Civil Lawsuits ? )
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