How to Get a Marriage License ?  

       Marriage may be the most joyous occasion in two people’s lives and a union of two souls, but there is also a legal aspect to it, namely a marriage license.

       Marriage is a legal arrangement between a man and a woman, and a marriage license is the go-ahead granted by law. Anyone who wishes to get married must make an application to the state government, as per United States laws. There are a number of document that one would need to produce when applying for a marriage license.

       First, the government needs to confirm that the applicant has reached the minimum marriageable age, as approved by the country’s laws, hence his or her birth certificate or any other relevant document will be needed. Next, the applicant would need to prove that he or she does not have rubella or any infectious venereal disease. For this purpose, a blood test report should suffice.

       Next is the matter of photo identity, so one would need to produce any suitable document. If divorced, the applicant would need to produce proof of his or her divorce. All these will go with the application form, which will contain the applicant’s name and state his or her wish to the state government of acquiring a marriage license.


       Once all the documents are in place, they must be submitted at the county clerk's office, along with the required fees. The officer may ask a few questions if the applicant has been married before. Once all that is out of the way, the marriage license will be drawn up and delivered to the applicant.





How to Get a Marriage License ?

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How to Get a Marriage License ? )
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